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Winter Skincare Tip

12 Jan

Winter Skincare

Here’s a quick and inexpensive (if you already own one, cheap ones work too if you don’t J) way to keep your skin hydrated or give it a hydration boost!

Winter is a tough time for almost EVERY skin type. From oily to dry with all the excessive hot showers, blazing heaters, and temp changes (not to mention the wonderful festive beverages that generally contain de-hydrating ingredients) you might suddenly be finding your skin parched!

There are so many ways to combat this, and I’ll blog about those in a separate post, but this is something easy that you can do today and add into your regime whether you’re a woman on the go or have 3 children climbing up your ankles… Are you ready?


Whenever I feel parched in the winter, I whip that bad boy out (please check that scraggy filter!) and sleep my way to glowing hydration. Let me know what you think!



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